Founded in 1978: Made in Portland, Oregon.

Who Are We?

We are a small group of family and friends dedicated to building the Ultimate American Boot.  We start with a promise to never compromise quality. This means we use the highest quality materials and skilled American labor to craft boots that look great, feel amazing, and wear like nothing else. Our boots are built in our family owned-and-operated factory in Portland, OR. Our factory-direct business model allows us to invest significantly more money into our boots relative to our competitors, and to sell them direct to you the consumer at a comparable price point.

Crary Boots - “Where heritage meets style."

Premium boots that are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon and made for life. Our passion is to bring you unfailing quality built on generations of knowledge and merge it with the styles of tomorrow.
At the age of 13, Bill Crary began working in his father’s boot factory, Danner Boots®. For 18 years, Bill worked his way up through the factory, learning every aspect of crafting quality boots through practice and detailed instruction. In 1978, Bill started his own custom boot making business. For the last 38 years, Bill Crary and his family have been hand-crafting custom boots and shoes catered to the individual needs of their clients, including disabled veterans, rock stars, professional athletes, diabetics and anyone with a taste or need for custom footwear. It has been Bill’s lifelong dream to bring this same quality directly to consumers. 
The truth is: Over the past 30 years, countless American footwear manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to cheaper labor overseas, resulting in a significant decline in the overall quality and durability of boots.


“Our passion is to craft high quality American boots, built on generations of knowledge, and merge it with the styles of tomorrow.”

- Bill Crary

Crary make boots of unparalleled quality and comfort at their family-owned and operated factory in Portland, OR, USA using the best manufacturing practices, highest quality materials, and generations of boot making know how.  Their boots look good, feel amazing, last longer, and perhaps most importantly, they are able to offer them to consumers at the same price they would pay for significantly lower quality boots.