Founded in 1978: Based in Portland, Oregon

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Founded in 1978: Based in Portland, Oregon

At the age of 13, Bill Crary began working in his father’s boot factory, Danner Boots. For 18 years, Bill worked his way up through the factory, learning every aspect of crafting quality boots through practice and detailed instruction. In 1978, Bill started his own custom boot making business. For the last 38 years, Bill Crary and his family have been hand-crafting custom boots and shoes catered to the individual needs of their clients, including disabled veterans, rock stars, professional athletes, diabetics and anyone with a taste or need for custom footwear. It has been Bill’s lifelong dream to bring this same quality directly to consumers. 

The truth is: Over the past 30 years, countless American footwear manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to cheaper labor overseas, resulting in a significant decline in the overall quality and durability of boots.

“Our passion is to craft high quality American boots, built on generations of knowledge, and merge it with the styles of tomorrow.”

- Bill Crary

Crary make boots of unparalleled quality and comfort at their family-owned and operated factory in Portland, OR, USA using the best manufacturing practices, highest quality materials, and generations of boot making know how.  Their boots look good, feel amazing, last longer, and perhaps most importantly, they are able to offer them to consumers at the same price they would pay for significantly lower quality boots. 


The Burnside was named after an iconic east-west thoroughfare in Portland, OR.  Burnside Street became notorious in the 1860s for liquor and card rooms that drew sailors from the docks.  These days, Burnside Street maintains its grit, but also houses industrial, commercial and residential establishments.  The boot is as tough and diverse as its namesake.  Wear these to work, on your motorcycle or to your favorite watering hole. In comparison to a boot of similarity, the Red Wing 1907 Boot, The burnside is handmade in Portland, OR. The leather is full grain, cowhide sourced by SB Foot in Minnesota with full leather lining.

Burnside Boot (Trukee Red)


These boots manifest Crary's roots: Bill Crary’s father, Bill Danner, originally designed this boot in 1964 to hike Mt. Hood.  They have revived the original DNA of this boot.  Put them to the test on the mountain or take them right to the streets to flaunt your style.  They are so comfortable; you’ll never want to take them off. The Pacific Crest boot was designed for consumers looking for a heavy duty, yet incredibly beautiful hiking boot.  Made with a heavy duty suede leather, combined with a Vibram lug sole, this boot can conquer the Pacific Crest Trail or simply look good walking about town.

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Crary Boots – Portland’s Custom Bootmaker Seeks Crowdfunding

Crowd-funded brands can raise an eyebrow or two, offering questionable “rewards” for chipping in a lot of money they need for supplies and labor. Crary Boots is not one of those brands.Bill Crary, the son of the founder of Danner Boots, worked at his dad’s shop most of his early life until he decided to start his own custom boot making business in 1978. Now fast forward to 2016, where Bill and his team have prepared their first full line of boots to be made available to consumers worldwide.

Since going live on Kickstarter, Crary Boots have generated over $65,000 (exceeding their set goal of only $20,000), with still a month left to go. The money received so far acts as a pre-order for the five new models of boots they are releasing. Crary’s business model aims to cut out unnecessary retail markups while simultaneously creating a product out of higher quality materials with great attention to detail.

At first glance, these boots may not have you drooling. The simplistic, relatable designs produced in classic colorways won’t blow your mind, and Crary knows that. They have included several diagrams literally cutting their boots in half, breaking down the materials and methods used in the production. That’s where the shoes pull away from the competition.

Included among the five new boots being released with this campaign are four styles of men’s boots as well as a single women’s boot. The Mount Hood boot may remind you of a Danner boot (not surprising really) made with a half inch foam padded tongue, full leather upper and liner, steel shank and Vibram outsole. The Badlands boot is reminiscent of a desert boot style, with three metal eyelets and offered in two colorways. Covering all the bases, the Burnside boot is Crary’s take on the classic American moc-toe, offered in two different brown leathers. Finally, the Pacific Crest is the highest priced boot, and looks like a taller version of the Mount Hood with more ankle cushioning and support.

Available for pre-order now for $225-$350 at the Crary Boots Kickstarter.


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Gear There Everywhere

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The US of A has been providing quality, workwear inspired boots to the world for countless years. The latest brand drawn to our attention here at GTE are Crary Boots of Portland, Oregon.

For the last 38 years, Bill Crary and his family have been making hand crafted, custom made boots and shoes for whoever may desire a pair, from Shaquille O’Neal to war vet’s and rock stars to penguins (apparently?).

Now thanks to a successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, Crary Boots are able to bring this quality directly to the customer in four different styles. The ‘Burnside’ in particular looks very Red Wing-esque.

The cushiony vibram outsole combined with the military box toe make for a go-anywhere, do-anything kind of boot. That means you can go straight from the office and down the boozer, or local Asda if you fancy.

Find out how you can buy Crary boots here – Or find out more about Crary Boots here –

Check out some of the details below. 


Mt. Hood Boot (Men's)

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Crary Boots - Columbia Gorge Lifestyle Video

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Crary Boots - Government Cove Lifestyle Video from Crary Boots on Vimeo.


Crary Boots - "Where Heritage Meets Style" | |

Premium boots that are handcrafted in the USA and made for life. Kickstarter launch coming soon, stay tuned.

We had a fantastic time shooting this video getting to be outside in some of the coolest locations in Oregon! Our models outfits were outfitted from two of our very favorite Portland stores: Lizard Lounge & Bridge & Burn. If you haven't checked out either of those stores do yourself a favor and go see what they have to offer.


Music: Tumbledown - "Dead Man Walking"

We are shooting, prepping and getting ready to launch our Kickstarter so that we can actually bring the boots to all of you but we need your help. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook so that when we launch our Kickstarter we get funded and are able deliver these amazing boots to all of you. Please help us out by spreading the word to all your family and friends.



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